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BRAINIQ, NuCalm Brain Health Partnership

The power of the brain and maintaining its optimal function has been at the forefront of the applied science developed by trailblazing neuroscience technology company, NuCalm. By predictably pacing frequencies within the brain, they have harnessed the capability for every individual to change their mental state from the deepest levels of sleep to the highest levels of intensity without drugs.

Now, the global neurotechnology company has partnered with the BRAINIQ company to offer a new, clinical Nootropic line of BRAIN health, EYE health, Recovery and Energy Powered by BRAINIQ.  

A full line of NOOTROPIC “SMART Fuel” products developed to help people  focus better, think more clearly, expand critical thinking, provide recovery and vision support.  BRAINIQ Powered by NuCalm is available now.

Rick Anson says “I use BRAINIQ with NuCalm everyday to activate my genius and limitless potential.” 

President and CEO of NuCalmJim Poole, has been in collaboration with Rick Anson, an expert in Nootropic and Hemp Health development from over 12  years of research to bring BRAINIQ with NuCalm to life.

Using a collective 45 years of science NUCALM along with BRAINIQ and CBDIQ products have been shown to instantly lower stress, improve concentration and comprehension, and increase motivation and memory– all by taking control of your own mental states. 

Jim Poole states: for the past 14 years we have observed amazing life changing results for people across the globe. So, imagine our enthusiasm when we decided to combine our neuroscience with the best brain health product line to offer consumers the best of both!